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How to Add a User to Your Wells Fargo Bank Account

The reason we need this is to be able to download statements, view checks as needed, as well as obtain financial summary reports to be able to agree Wells Fargo to the financials. We will not touch any other store data or have access to move money around. This also allows us to connect Wells Fargo to the accounting system and reconnect as necessary.

  1. Sign in to your Wells Fargo account
  2. Navigate to Account Access Manager and create a guest user using the email address that you'll send everything to (usually "[some version of your business name]")
  3. Next, assign view-only account access
  4. Finally, share the username and password for this guest account with us. (Note that you can view, edit, or delete access at any time through Account Access Manager by selecting the Guest Users tab.)

And you are done! We’ll take it from there.

Thank you!
J. Hall and Company