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Onboarding 101

How to Add an Administrator to Your Gusto Account

The reason we need this is to be able to connect your payroll software to our accounting software. Additionally, we may need to run payroll reports for taxes and other reports as needed. We will not touch any data without making sure we are aligned with roles and responsibilities around payroll.

  1. Login to your Gusto Account. At the top right, make sure you're logged in as the primary administrator. (Note: You must be the primary administrator on the account to add additional admins. If you aren't the primary administrator, please send these instructions to the primary administrator to complete.)

    Gusto Admin Login View

  2. Head to "Settings" on the bottom left

    Gusto Settings

  3. Click the "Gusto admins" or "Permissions tab"—the tab title may vary by account

    Gusto Permissions

  4. Click "Add or edit admins" in the “Gusto admins” tile. On this page you should see the names, current admin roles, and from the “Actions” column, the ability to Edit admin roles or Remove admin access.

    Gusto Admins Tile Add or Edit

  5. Click "Add new admin" toward the top-right of the page

    Gusto Add New Admin

  6. Click "Not an employee" and select "Accountant" under "Who are they?"

    Gusto Accountant

  7. Select "Run payroll for me" under "What will they help you with" and enter the new admin's details. Please use "Josh Hall" and

    Gusto Admin Details

  8. Select "Full access" as the role

    Gusto Full Access

  9. Then, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Add admin"

    Gusto Add Admin Final Step

And you are done! We’ll take it from there.

Thank you!
J. Hall and Company