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Onboarding 101

How to Add an Account Manager to Your American Express Credit Card

The reason we need this is to be able to download statements, view transactions as needed, as well as obtain financial summary reports to be able to agree American Express to the financials. We will not touch any other data. Unfortunately, American Express does not allow us to connect these cards to your accounting system as the primary user has to do that, so we will send instructions on how to do that momentarily.

  1. Sign in to your American Express account
  2. Go to "Account Services"
    Amex Account Services
  3. Click "Manage Other Users"
    Amex Manage Other Users
  4. Next, click "Add or Remove Account Managers"
    Amex Add or Remove Account Managers
  5. Select the card you want to give access to (if you have a personal Amex and a business Amex, both will show up, so just click "Add Account Manager" under the business card).
    Amex Add Account Manager
  6. You will need to enter the 3-digit card security code on the back of your card next to the signature strip. You will be prompted to enter those as well as your security pin, and potentially a one-time code to your email. This is all for safety reasons.
  7. Enter in the following information:
    Amex Account Manager Information
  8. Select "Limited" as the Account Access Level, and uncheck the Account Access Options. Press next.
    Amex Account Access Level
  9. Check the authorization box and click continue.
    Amex Review Account Manager

We will then receive an email to sign up, and we will be good to go! We will let you know if we have any issues.

Thank you!
J. Hall and Company