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Seeking a Certificate of Account Status to Terminate Existence or Registration

The tax clearance letter is something that is created by the Texas Comptroller's Office after requesting a "Certificate of Account Status to Terminate Existence or Registration" on the Comptroller's Website. Here is how to request this certificate:

  1. Visit the eSystems login on the Texas Comptroller's Website
    1. If you don't have an account, you can create an account on the right side of the screen and hitting the blue "Create Profile" button
  2. On the Dashboard page, click "Assign Taxes/Fees"
    Texas Comptroller My Taxpayer Accounts
    1. You’ll need the 11 digit number for your business (you can look it up here, or find in on a copy of your Texas Franchise Tax Report) and your franchise tax webfile number (this begins with the letters “XT” followed by 6 digits and is listed on the annual notice from the Comptroller’s Office)
  3. On the Franchise Tax Menu page for the business, you'll select "Request Certificate for Termination" under "Account Self-Service," then hit the "Continue" button
    Texas Comptroller Franchise Tax
  4. Choose "Request Certificate of Account Status to Terminate Existence or Registration", then hit the "Continue" button
    Texas Comptroller Request a Tax Clearance Letter
  5. The next screen will indicate that you need to file the "2024 Final Franchise Tax Report." If the annualized total revenue for the business is below the threshold of $2.47 million, you can check the box on the screen, then hit the "File Final" button.
    Texas Comptroller File Final

Once the Comptroller's Office processes the Final Franchise Tax Report and the request for a certificate, you should receive a tax clearance letter from the Comptroller.