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IRS Launches 2024 Tax Filing Season

IRS Launches 2024 Tax Filing Season

The much-anticipated 2024 tax filing season is officially underway as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) began accepting tax returns on Monday. This year, taxpayers can expect some helpful changes from the IRS, including more in-person support, upgraded online services, and new tools to simplify filing.

Expanded In-Person Assistance

Recognizing that some taxpayers prefer face-to-face help, the IRS has increased in-person service hours this filing season. This gives taxpayers more opportunity to get specialized assistance with complicated tax situations. You can check for local office hours and services.

Enhanced Online Experience

The IRS has upgraded its online services to help taxpayers file accurately and efficiently. From interactive Q&As to redesigned instructional pages, the IRS website can guide filers through the process. Taxpayers can also use the IRS2Go mobile app to check the status of refunds and make payments.

New Filing Tools

This tax season brings new filing tools to save taxpayers time and help avoid mistakes. Features like automatic form fill based on past returns and drop-down menus for common credits streamline filing. The IRS recommends reviewing the new tools in advance to ensure a smooth process.

Key Deadlines

The filing deadline for most taxpayers is April 15, 2024 (see below), but six-month extensions can be requested by April 15 if more time is needed. The deadline for retirement account contributions is also April 15.

Standard filing deadlines:

  • S-Corporations (1120-S) & Partnerships (1065): March 15, 2024

  • Personal Returns (1040) & C-Corporations (1120): April 15, 2024

Extension filing deadlines:

  • S-Corporations (1120-S) & Partnerships (1065): September 16, 2024

  • Personal Returns (1040) & C-Corporations (1120): October 15, 2024

Stay Informed

With helpful resources from the IRS, taxpayers can tackle their 2024 returns with confidence and enjoy easier filing than ever this season. Check regularly for the latest on credits, deductions, forms, free tax help, and more tax season essentials. You can also sign up to receive our occasional newsletter at the bottom of this page, and follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram for helpful filing tips and deadline reminders.

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